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      1. Runout of roll ≦±0.003mm; Target precision ≦±0.002mm
      2. Leading technology;
      3. Highest performance-cost ratio
      4. Hard Cr coating process promotes performance;
      5. 24-hour after-sale service

    Structure & Features:
      1. Square shape stand;
      2. Single motor driving system/double motor driving system;
      3. Max. pressure: 600t (for Ni-MH) and 300t (for Li-ion). Online pressure adjustment when the work pressure is less than 200t;
      4. The machine is equipped with roll changing unit which makes roll changing easy and fast. Roundness test device, preheating unit and splicing unit is optional.
      5. The operation of the machine is convenient, safe and reliable.
      6. The machine is installed on the concrete foundation;

      1. Roll material: Cr2 high alloy forged steel
      2. Surface hardness: ≧65 HRC
      3. Hardening depth: 8-12mm (∮500);12-18mm (∮600-700); 18-22mm (∮800)
      4. Runout of roll: ≦±0.002mm
      5. Surface roughness: Ra≦0.4

    ¢800 “口” type frame, double electromotor drive
    ¢800 C-type frame, single electromotor drive
    Different roll material microstructure

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