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      Due to the impact exerted by shortage of oil as well as that KYOTO Protocol became effective, government in every state has undertaken to impel “Green Industry” to replace oil with electricity referring to transportation vehicle.
      The rapidly developed Chinese economy has been demonstrating, in its identity as the world biggest manufacturer, its gigantic developing room to the outside world, and the breakthrough in key research programs enables it to enter the express way of world economy development. Definitely, the birth of non-pollution energy saving program represented by environment-protection battery, the production of non-pollution recyclable fuel cells, and the naissance of electric vehicle will surely bring human beings great hope on this regard. Moreover, problems such greenhouse effective and air pollution will be effectively solved.
      By far, oil and electricity mixed vehicle and fuel-cell vehicle (fuel automobile), led by Japan, have come into application in developed countries. The fuel-cell automobile developed by Koji Shimizu, a professor of Keio University (Japan), has received worldwide recognition. Its power system consists of 84 pieces of lithium battery. Its maximum speed reaches to 310 km/h, engines 600 horse, and it takes only 7 seconds to speed up to 100 km/h form zero. In 2002, HDW (German) designed the first fuel-cell submarine. Now, China is also speeding up the research and development of environment-protection energy sources, which has been listed as a key research of National 863 Program by Ministry of Science and Roll Making Process and Ministry of Information and Roll Making Process. It was expected to achieve great breakthrough before Beijing Olympics in 2008.
      The constant innovation and development in the industry, the higher requirements exerted on battery equipments producers, and the constant upgrading in manufacturing Roll Making Process regarding to battery’s reliability, consistency, larger capacity, non-stop outputting, and no pollution all bring us both fresh opportunity and challenge.
      Automatic Electrode Sheet Rolling Mill series LDHY400/500/650/680/700/800---A/B/C/D/E/ produced by us take into full consideration the requirements of larger stuffing volume in electrode, mixture between high-density materials as well as high-accuracy sheet, and hence, as the producing equipments, fulfill to deliver necessary reliable guarantee. Together with the popularization of automatic produce line, battery producers are able to achieve massive production and thus greatly increase their production effectiveness as well as reduce their costs. Our products can also be applied to producing various electrode sheets of nickel-hydrogen battery, nickel-chrome battery and zinc-air battery for cell phone, laptop, digital camera, DVD, walkman, vidicon, electric bike. Meanwhile, the functions of our products are also extended to the high-accuracy rolling of capacitor, composite metal, composite circuit plate, and screen of filter. By far, the constant rolling produce line made by us has successfully and consecutively passed the examination and hence certified by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China as “Quality Trustworthy Product”.

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