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    Business Concept
      Market-oriented, quality-based, service-targeted
    Enterprise Spirit
      Follow any approach to success, seek no excuse for failure
      The satisfaction and success of client is the key gauge of our achievement
      Employees are the most valuable treasure of the company; the improvement of their specialized knowledge and comprehensive ability is also the increase of company’s treasure; their salaries and welfares clearly reflect the business performance of the company.
      Constantly created new products form the developing track of the company.
      The quality of the product and service is the lifeline of the company.
      Brand is a bright mirror reflecting the product and service of the company (Naknor)
      We are always seeking and exploring the best market as well as striving to enjoy the largest market share
      Management is the footstone and guideline of all activities; high-tech, specialized, internationalized, innovative and practical.

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